Sunday, November 1, 2015

Modern Apartment Decoration

Classic Home Design - Long time that we were  enjoying Nordic home decorating: the simply environments, but comfortable, flirty and stylish as the of this modern and elegant apartment located in Stockholm, Sweden. White walls and wooden floors are the perfect backdrop for a comfortable Scandinavian style. The decoration combines cold and neutral shades with touches of color, such as sofa or wall where it rests, and wooden furniture in natural finish that provides the touch of warmth.

The lounge is spacious: account with seating area with a sofa and dining room, consisting of a white wooden table furniture and dark blue white.

The kitchen is fully integrated in the living room: a practice Super to win amplitude. Both spaces were unified with help of white, thread conductor of decoration, present in the kitchen cupboards and walls and salon furniture.

To achieve a modern aesthetic in the kitchen, were chosen furniture with smooth, without handles, and appliances integrated fronts, except for the oven, which is in sight. The granite counter top, white, went in front to protect the wall from stains.

Salon we went to the bedroom, decorated with a base in neutral tones, with walls, textiles and furniture in white, which was then added touches of color with a quilt in dark blue.

In the bedroom, solutions were sought to win storage areas: the simplest, leverage wall header with a shelf which support framed photographs, and other, more complex, making a front of wardrobes, perfectly integrated in the decoration.

White, seemingly simple bathroom has a free, modern bath and a shower, freed by a sheet of glass area. This is the hallway of the apartment: an elongated space. The long corridors are one of the most common features in the buildings of the old building. A challenge in achieving a successful décor but that, with a few simple tricks, you can become attractive places.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Budget Minimalist Apartment

Studio Dana Shaked completed the design and development of a highly minimalist apartment. The owners of this home- a young couple- bought the place without any furniture or decoration. Their brief requested an apartment on a budget that would meet their modern living needs. A contemporary youthful look was created in the living room space by combining a black sofa and a yellow armchair. For a warm and pleasant atmosphere, the designers added striped pillows, a cozy carpet and bright curtains in canvas texture. A delicate cornice plaster conceals the LED lighting strip along the wall.

Combining industrial style and a wink of humor, the dining area is composed of four chairs that vary in shape and color. A large wall cabinet with purple glass front provides significant storage unit for the kitchen. The master bedroom is simple and elegant, with the walls painted in a smoky gray shade. A large bed with wooden frames seems to float in the space. The balcony terrace is particularly inviting; it is here that the designers “replicated” the dining table, making things fresh and colorful for outdoor relaxation.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Creative Apartment Decoration

Classic Home Design - If the passion for music, food, alternative culture and activities were social current defined hipster style, how would an apartment according to this aesthetic? Design a House for a creative person is, without doubt, an exciting challenge. Artists, writers and creators have their own tastes and ideas about how their homes, apartments, elegant, modern and casual with intelligent and whimsical nods to the creativity of art should be. 

Creative Apartment Decoration
A home projection system is an ideal solution in the apartment of a creative person, since it allows the consumption of different types of arts. A TV subtract aesthetic value to the decor of the room.

Creative Apartment Decoration
To facilitate the free passage of light between the kitchen and the living room, we decided to delete the partition that separated these stays and lift a low wall at medium altitude which, in addition, enables communication between both zones were more comfortable. 

Creative Apartment Decoration
In the kitchen you chose to combine clear wood in the dining area and white in the kitchen itself. For clarity, by the feeling of spaciousness that generates... White is a safe bet. In addition, this color gets to enhance any decorative details that applies, as in this case strings of light bulbs. White multiplies the luminosity and the wood warms the atmosphere. 

Creative Apartment Decoration
In the bathroom, concrete and white tiles are combined to achieve a modern and elegant atmosphere.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

How to Keep Rugs

Classic Home Design - Rugs are very decorative elements that often combine very well with the furniture of rooms or various of the home stays. Keep them in good condition is a challenge. If you are thinking about removing any rugs, because in the summer, they are usually stored and do not know how to do it, here are the solution.

How to Keep Rugs


Before storing the rugs, clean it. Using a vacuum cleaner remove the dust, as well as accumulated dirt. Vacuum it passes both the top and the bottom.

Once sucked, put an old sheet on the ground. Later, it extends the carpet on top of this. If necessary, use a couple of sheets to carry out this step. Try rug is positioned in the Center and leave a couple of feet between the Savannah and carpet, all around.

Then get a roll of rug and the savanna. Thus it will occupy less space and will be easier to store it. Remember: to roll up the rug, you must fold the Savannah which.

So that it is better and do not unroll, holding the roll using a rope. The longer the carpet more ties you will have to. Try to be all completely bound both by the Center ends roll.

Then put the rug rolled up in a bag, may be plastic or fabric. In this way, you swipe it of moisture and avoid it to fill with powder during the time you keep it stored. If you don't know where to buy large bags, you can go to any store of supplies or moving materials.

Finally, look for a shelf or a large wardrobe to save the carpet. It seeks to be in a room without too much moisture.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Eclectic Style Dining Room

Classic Home Design - The dining rooms are spaces that lend themselves especially to the mixture and combination free of materials, colors and styles. The table and chairs can have different origins, but to create eclectic style eaters there is a subtle thread in the composition, which we will try to decipher through the seven examples I show today.
Modern Dutch style

A white stage, natural wood and studied splashes of colour are the keys of this pleasant space, designed by the team of Vtwonen styling, with pieces of different Dutch designers.

Eclectic Style Dining Room

Spicy colors

This explosive room belongs to the dwelling of Manish Arora, Indian fashion designer. For the designer, the colors used in the India is a natural manifestation of joy, strong and forceful mixtures which, almost unconsciously, used in your apartment, with truffles pieces of design of the 1950s, grafitti, antiques, toys... an explosion of eclecticism in all its glory.

Eclectic Style Dining Room

New decorative trend: the furniture

It is one of betting aesthetics that can arise with force by 2015: grid lamps and furniture. Its flexibility, lightness and malleability coated PVC grid make a modern, cheap and, in many cases, eco-friendly material, since the plastic tends to be recycled.

Eclectic Style Dining Room

The Eames chairs fit in any style

A classic ever there was one: mix the Eames chairs, with different colors, around a white lacquered table seats, in a classic atmosphere, with marble fireplace and included gold frame mirror. This spectacular dining room belongs to an English mansion, Dinder House, recently renovated by a young couple. 

Eclectic Style Dining Room

A Chair of each color

In the wake of Eames chairs, which put fashion mix of colors in the dining rooms, many other designs of chairs allow this combination of less daring and more everyday spaces. The trick is that the white prevails so that the colors of the chairs have a visual relevance.

Eclectic Style Dining Room

Recycled eclectic style dining room

All the elements that appear in this image are recovered: the table is a door on trestles, and chairs have been rescued at auctions and antique dealers. When all parts are different but maintain a common denominator, as being recovered, the mixture acquires even greater value.

Eclectic Style Dining Room

Eclecticism in rustic environments

Not only the sophisticated and modern spaces accepted free and uninhibited mix in soup kitchens. The rustic style, with parts vintage from various backgrounds, enables slack eclectic decorations, as we can see it in this picture of a dining room next to the kitchen that combines elements of classical, industrial, and retro.

Garden Design Ideas

Classic Home Design - Would you like to have a garden in your home? Because we are going to give you some tips for this beautiful, creative and expensive task. The first thing you should consider is the use that you are going to give the garden, if it will be for meetings, if you want to plant some fruit or herbs, if it will be a space to play with your children or your pets, and even if you want to do sport. According to their function and distribution, the final design of the garden will be different.

Garden Design Ideas
The first thing you must do is define a budget for your garden. Tends to be a part of the undervalued House, and is often spend money once already has been completed with all the interior of the House, which are often very few resources to invest in it. If you like to be outdoors and have a space for recreation, think of your garden as an investment to have better quality of life. Most advisable is to invest in the best quality soil. With a super Earth, plants will reach their full potential, growing healthy and beautiful. Then you will have to invest in trees and plants, its type and quality will depend on the type of garden you want.

Garden Design Ideas
 Another important aspect is the design of the garden. You must find balance and that this environment will be pleasant. No go with the symmetry and harmony because it can be boring. Neither abusing with contrasts, because it can give a lot of stress and exhaustion visual sensation. Although in the end it all depends on your personal tastes, it is believed some visual rhythm. So, best thing to do is to repeat three times an element, which may be the color, texture or shape. To create a garden rich in variety, there are two very simple ways of achieving this. It can bring dynamism and movement with diagonal or curved forms, and on the other hand, you can play with color, foliage, the size and texture of the materials.

Garden Design Ideas
A very important aspect is the choice of plants, so it is recommended to go to nurseries or gardens, or simply to inform you through specialized publications. You need to know within the plants that you like, what options there are and thus know how will be a time to grow. Thinking about how they will be plants with its final form, you can project a clearer idea to design your garden. You know what space will occupy the plant, which shade will create, if it will give you the Sun, if you invade other areas, etc. These are aspects that if you think a priori, avoid you unnecessary costs. You should inform yourself well of the specific needs of maintenance of plants, because according to its maintenance will be an environment blossomed throughout the year and its design will be long-lasting. Another aspect to consider is if you want your garden to change stations or is green throughout the year. In the latter case, the best will be to choose low or low flowering plants or trees, but if you want to see the passing of the seasons a good option is to choose plants that bloom without leaves.

Garden Design Ideas
In the design of your garden you must take into account the colors. To choose the best color, values the tones that are in your land, your house walls, ceilings You can provide the color you wish thanks to the flowers or foliage. If you are looking for a design that create a sense of unity, best to use ranges of the same color to create a monochromatic garden. This is not to say that everything should be equal, they must assess the chromatic scale. For example, it would be very well combine yellow with orange or yellow with red. If you want to create contrast, play with complementary or even conflicting tones. A good option is to combine Blue and orange or green and red. And the options are many and diverse.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Latest Chaise Lounge Trend

Classic Home Design - The world of upholstery never rests and just as in fashion, are always researches and both models and the tissues in which it covers are updated. In this post we will talk about how it affects these fashion trends sofas chaise longue and the options you have to choose if you are thinking to buy a new one.

The classic lines are always fashionable, but now producers incorporate developments in sofas as seats with memory foam and extras as reclining head and sliding seats.

Latest Chaise Lounge Trend - White
Another trend that timeless is the combination of colors. There are elegant and it is a sure hit to match your home décor.

Latest Chaise Lounge Trend - Beige
In addition, the ultimate are the types of upholstery are incorporating these sofas that are still textiles but make turns skin effects type nubuck and best of this upholstery is that it can be easily washed in washing machine and give a touch of Chic and comfortable unmatched.

Latest Chaise Lounge Trend - Grey
One of these fabrics would be Natal that have several colors to choose.

Latest Chaise Lounge Trend - Black
We show you some models that are covered in this upholstery so that you can see as they are and we encourage that, if you are thinking of buying the sofa or renew that have, you arriesguéis with them because you will not disappoint.